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Listen to July 17 Voice of Palestine Interview with Rich Forer by going here. The actual interview starts at exactly the 22 minute mark. Please scroll down to Voice of Palestine for July 17 and click the red download audio file link.


Rich was interviewed by Deanna Spingola for Republic Radio.

Rich’s latest radio interview is with Jeff Blankfort, an advocate for human rights for four decades and producer of the first grassroots media project on the internet. The two cover anti-Semitism, Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein, indoctrination into false ideas and beliefs and the power of Jewish lobbying groups.

July 2009 Radio Interview (6 minutes long) Discussing Billboards Opposing U.S. Military Aid to Israel – Scroll down to “Organizer of Billboard Campaign Challenging….”

Radio Interview with Teresa Davis on Santa Fe Radio Cafe – Discussing Our Trip to Israel and West Bank. Interview Begins at 23 minutes 57 seconds. Learn more

Radio Interview with Hesham Tillawi, November 2010

Radio Interview with Hesham Tillawi, December 2010, Part One

Listen Now

Radio Interview with Hesham Tillawi, December 2010, Part Two

Listen Now

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